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Optimising your linkedin profile : our 5 tips!

Optimising your linkedin profile : our 5 tips!

Linkedin is the main professional social network, and has proven to be a useful when looking for a job. So, you can benefit as much as possible, we will give you 5 tips for an optimum linkedin profile!

1. An up-to-date and professional profile photo

Because it is the first impression that counts, it is important to have a suitable, professional profile photo. Your photo will make you attractive in the eyes of recruiters, it is the first thing that they will see from you, so it is essential to choose well.

 2. Do not ignore the summary part

Your summary is also one of the first things that is seen when someone looks at your profile, so it is essential to know how to fill in this part and highlight it. So, be quite precise and attract the attention of your readers in a few sentences: describe yourself by putting yourself in the place of the person you would like to get to know. Also, briefly describe your task or your current position and mention the key elements of your profile, your skills, your specialities etc.

3. Detail your experience

Of course, the experience section is the most important. It will enable people to find out about your professional career whether it is your current position or the previous ones, as well as the skills that you have been able to acquire during the past experience. Target your most pertinent experience and take the time to complete it by showing the dates, degree and position titles, also indicating the companies in which you have worked if they are in the linkedin database. Detail the tasks and talk about the projects in which you have worked, the results obtained and what you have brought to them. Furthermore, it is recommended that you add your cv online, or possibly, your professional blog or your website if you have one.

4. Get recommendations

To get higher up in linkedin searches and to increase the impact of your profile, it is good to be recommended also for your experience and your skills. Get recommendations thanks to your network: the recommendations of work colleagues, former supervisors, general managers or even colleagues are surely the most appreciated and those which give the greatest credibility to your profile. The more serious the recommendation, the more the recruiter or head-hunter will attach important to it, because it is a gauge of trust and reliability for them, and it will therefore be able to set you apart. So, avoid recommendations from former university or school colleagues which are less relevant. According to linkedin, profiles on which recommendations appear are 3 times more likely to stand out in searches.

5. Regularly refresh your network

The main aim of linkedin is to use your professional network. Develop yours and compile an address book responding to the requests for new contacts, but also send them and interact with your network. The aim is to interact, because the more active your profile is, the more you will be able to be suggested to other people. For example, think of inspiring your network by linking to press articles or sharing online news connected to your sector of activity or which your contacts may be interested in, or even, following the linkedin pages of companies that you are interested in.

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