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Sectors that recruit the most engineers

Sectors that recruit the most engineers

The industry is a sector that has been recruiting a lot over the past few years, but in which particular sectors? Here we will look at the most dynamic sectors.


The aeronautical sector is one that is expanding rapidly. In fact, the french aeronautical sector is facing strong demand, particularly from china who recently ordered, last july, 140 planes from the european aeronautical manufacturer airbus. So, there has been an increase in production of aircraft and the french aeronautical industry therefore has a very strong need for labour. In fact, the order books of the large manufacturers airbus and boeing have been full for almost ten years.

Furthermore, in the sector they recruit all the professions. Job offers are flourishing both in research & development and in design, tooling, logistics or maintenance.

Faced with this growth, the french aeronautical industry provides more than 10 000 jobs, a quarter of which are young graduates.


The growth in the automotive sector has increased over the past few years, particularly with the appearance of autonomous and electrical vehicles. This development has created needs for new skills, for example, in new technologies such as embedded information technology and the recruitment of engineers is more and more crucial.

Faced with this technological expansion, the automotive sector needs more sizeable budgets particularly for research & development, but also more qualified labour that can master certain technical skills. We are reporting requirements for engineering professions, particularly mechanical engineers, research engineers or even development engineers.


In the digital age, this is a field that is on the rise, which is taking an increasingly important position within companies, and which particularly attracts a target of young workers from between the ages of 25 and 34. As a sector in constant development, digital is constantly looking for new talent. The most sought-after profiles are technicians and engineers, particularly in the information technology sector and more precisely in the field of programming but also qualified profiles such as developers, data analysts and information systems security managers.


Construction has been rapidly expanding, and several factors have contributed to this revolution. One of the factors is due to construction being digitised while it used to be a sector that was outside of this, until now. This transformation will clearly intensify the recruitment needs of companies.

Beyond this change, the services of the construction engineer are always needed when a construction project is being undertaken. The key position for the success of any project is that of the cost estimation engineer. They supervise large-scale projects, whether on a national or multinational level. 08

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