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Mechanical development engineer

Mechanical development engineer

Mechanical development engineers are central players in research & development. They guarantee product development, and that of mechanical, electronic or mechatronic components, parts or assemblies etc.

 Mechanical development engineer : what are their tasks ?

Mechanical development engineers compile the specific and general technical specifications of the product. They consult suppliers and subcontractors on the basis of these specifications, whether in france or internationally. They also summarise and analyse quotations submitted by subcontractors and suppliers.

The next step is to confirm with their suppliers the technical feasibilities of parts at the level of quality, cost or deadline. After taking this decision with the project team, they select the supplier who will be responsible for the development and production planning of the product.

Furthermore, mechanical development engineers define the project milestones from the pre-development phase to production planning and production of the product. They control the product development, particularly the design of 3d digital mock-ups and initial implementation with the supplier.

They then check the initial digital definition following the architecture digital mock-ups. Based on technical feasibilities, mechanical development engineers launch the prototype first pieces to check the technical definition. They pursue and complete the production planning of the product after checking the physical mock-up as well as launching production tooling to the suppliers.

When receiving the production first pieces, they proceed to check them with regard to the dimensioned drawings (measurements, capabilities, testing according to validation plan). After confirmation of the tests according to the validation plan, the products can be put into production.


What are the necessary skills ?

Beyond the design phase, which demands curiosity and inventiveness, the development engineer must create several tests and prototypes. So, they must have perfect expertise in mechanics and an excellent knowledge of the materials used in the industrial environment.

Mechanical development engineers must know how to exploit all the potential provided by cadd software. Excellent expertise in modelling software is necessary. The tools most used are: nastran, ansys (calculation for meshes and static/dynamic design), catia, pro-engineer, solidworks, inventor (cad for consultation and changing digital mock-ups/drawings), ms project, primavera (project management) and the ms office suite (word, excel, powerpoint).

Knowledge of current programming languages is desirable.
Mechanical development engineers must be in a position to manage the progress of projects and creations. They must know how to work independently, following technical practices and prove that they are very versatile.

To manage their projects well and hold discussions with various contacts, engineers must combine technical skills with an ability to communicate.

How do you become a mechanical development engineer ?

There are numerous engineering training courses. To get into the mechanical development engineer profession, it is necessary to follow an engineering cycle in the baccalaureate + 5, general or mechanical engineering. Obtaining a professional master’s degree is also an alternative to enter the profession.

How much are mechanical development engineers paid ?

The starting graduate monthly pay of mechanical development engineers is between € 2 700 and € 2 850 gross.


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