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Preparing for a job interview : our advice

Preparing for a job interview : our advice

Altelios technology gives you some advice and tips to prepare for your job interview better and of course, to be successful.

Do you showcase your knowledge or your soft skills ?

During a job interview, a candidate will have to find the good balance between showcasing their technical skills and their interpersonal and listening skills. In fact, the recruiter will be looking to find out if the engineer that they have in front of them has technical capabilities, but also the capacity to communicate with teams with which they are involved.

Furthermore, the candidate will have to demonstrate an inquiring mind and take notes. The very fact of asking questions will demonstrate the interest they have in their interviewer as well as the company.


How do you prepare for your interview ?

A job interview needs to be prepared for well and that goes through several stages.

Firstly, it is important to rely on the anticipated skills that are suitable for the position to be filled. So, do not provide in-depth details on your skills which do not relate the position provided, that could annoy your interviewer.

Secondly, the most important thing is to structure your job interview, proceed step-by-step with the description of your profile and your skills to conduct your interview well.

Then, practice summarising your past activities and know how to talk about your career, it is necessary to showcase your most comprehensive experience and that you brought things to both on a knowledge and a personal level.


What are errors to avoid during your job interview ?

The main error to avoid is to answer questions from your interviewer with answers that are too short, where you just reply or say yes without supporting or discussing it; it is necessary to provide actual examples that prove your suggestion.

On the other hand, also avoid answers that are too long, boring and sometimes disjointed that lose your interviewer.


What are our tips so you can be successful ?

Because the first impression is very important, do not neglect physical appearance and, above all, your attire which must be suitable for an interview in a professional environment. Body language and non-verbal communication are also crucial points: gestures, position, smiling, looking into the eyes of your interviewer etc.

To highlight your skills, you can conclude the introduction of an experience by summing up: what allowed you to operate, what did you suggest and what have you achieved during this experience and what have you brought to it, etc.

You can also regularly relate to your interviewer by, for example, asking them if they want you to talk about a particular point in more detail, or if they have questions on any of your experiences.

At the end of your job interview, demonstrate that you are available and listening to any other additional question that your interviewer will judge that is a good idea to ask you.

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