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Embedded software development engineer

Embedded software development engineer

Today, embedded systems have an increasing presence in our environment, particularly in the area of aeronautics, automotive, telecoms, robotics, energy or even the medical sector, but you will also find them in our daily lives.

What are their tasks ?

The work of embedded systems engineers consists of designing, developing, but also testing and incorporating applications and functions for autonomous systems embedded inside other machines. This profession combines information technology and electronics. From a specification presented by the customer, the engineer creates the product according to the requested specification. There are coding phases, then the electronics integration part. This is a profession in constant change, which combines the collaborative work as a team, but also adding value, design, programming, testing and monitoring.


What are the necessary skills ?

Embedded software engineers must have expert control of the digital electronic systems and components, but also microprocessors and processors. They must also know the programming language c and c++.

Other tools also have to be mastered such as: python, shell, xml, xsl, linux (fedora), windows &, cross compilation (nx), meta programming with design patterns (singleton, observer, factory, decorator, visitor), gtk, cs synergy (fault reports), gcc, gdb, wireshark, valgrind, gimp, configuration management cm synergy.

The engineer must also be creative, which is essential for new product design.

Finally, proficiency in technical english is generally desirable or even essential for working in an international context, for example.

What training do you need to get there ?

You can get into the profession of embedded systems engineer after baccalaureate + 5 specialised master’s or first degree from a school of engineering with a specialisation in embedded systems/information technology.

How much are embedded software engineers paid ?

How much an embedded software engineer is paid depends on several factors, primarily their training, experience or even the region where they work. Nevertheless, we estimate that a young graduate is paid between € 30k and € 35k per year.


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