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List of most sought-after schools of engineering

List of most sought-after schools of engineering

Just like every year, le monde and in partnership with l’express and l’etudiant publish a list of schools of engineering. They are based on the total scores in main groups of factors, such as salary one year after leaving, academic excellence, an outward-looking international ethos and connections with industry. Schools are therefore organised and classified according to the number of points awarded. We will explain these categories for you.


The école polytechnique is top in two categories.

The school combines research, education and innovation at the top scientific and technological level. Its curriculum promotes a culture of excellence with a strong emphasis on science
and founded upon a deep humanist tradition. The school educates responsible women and men, who are capable of conducting complex and innovative activities to meet the current challenges and those to come in society.

Ecole des ponts paristech

L’école des ponts paris tech is categorised in 4th place according to the grading in l’express / l’étudiant and in 9th position according to the grading in le monde.

L’école des ponts paristech is a major french university. Since 1747, it has been educating high-level engineers, future directors and researchers that are capable of meeting the needs of the company and transforming it. Beyond civil engineering and town planning, which have historically been prestigious, the school is developing excellent education and research associated with the stakes of the energy transition.

Ecole des mines

L’école des mines is graded in 5th place in all the categories.

Created in 1783, mines paristech is the first school of engineering in france due to its volume of contractual research. It has a significant level of industry-based research. Its areas of research extend from energy to materials, going through applied mathematics, earth sciences and economic & social sciences. The school of engineering also develops the creation of industry-supported professorships on emerging topics.

Centrale supélec: centrale degree and supélec degree

Centralesupélec is in 2nd place for the centrale degree and 3rd place for the supélec degree. And this is for the grading in l’express/l’étudiant.

On the list published by le monde, the school is in 3rd place.

centralesupélec is a scientific, cultural and professional public establishment (epscp), relevant for the joint authority of the ministry of education, high education & research and the ministry of the economy, industry and digitisation.

On 1 january 2015, centralesupélec was born from the merger of the école centrale paris and supélec, two large french schools of engineering which have incessantly, since 2009, intensified their joint cooperation and achievements in their areas of activity: basic training, continuous education and research.























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