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Mechanical design engineer

Mechanical design engineer

Mechanical designers are responsible for the design of the parts or mechanical/electronic/mechatronic assembly etc. (3d digital mock-up and planning).

Mechanical design engineer : what are their tasks ?

Mechanical engineers design everything about a product, from the technical solution to the digital simulation and subjects the parts to various stresses.

Based on the specifications, mechanical design engineers draw the principle diagrams for the parts. They digitise in cad the 3d volumes for architecture validation.

After the digital mock-up, engineers design and draft in cad the 3d parts with their technical feasibility (in architecture overall volumes).

They also bring their expertise to the design of plastic, sheet metal and mechanically-welded parts, as well as to incorporating electronics.

Furthermore, design engineers participate in the architecture reviews for developing the design of 3d parts and create iso dimensioned drawings (details and overview) to launch the prototype and production parts.

After digital testing, the engineer must proceed with physical experimentation, following on with the prototype, creating the physical first pieces and changing the 3d parts for production launch.

Finally, they file the technical definitions with versioning in the technical database.

What are the necessary skills ?

Design engineers must have mechanical skills and expert control of cadd (computer aided design & drafting) software.

Excellent expert control of tools such as catia, pro-engineer, solidworks, inventor (cad for consultants and changes to digital mock-ups/plans) or even rhinoceros and nx (3d modeller), is essential.

Moreover, they must know how to master the technical terms of the profession and proficiency in a second language, such as english, is essential.


How do you become a design engineer ?

There are numerous engineering training courses. To get into the mechanical design engineer profession, it is necessary to follow a general engineering course or to hold an industrial engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electrical engineering degree.

Obtaining a professional master’s degree in a mechanical area after a bts or the higher education course from a good higher education establishment such as one specialising in engineering is also an alternative to get into the profession.


And the pay ?

The starting monthly salary for a design engineer is in the region of € 2 600 gross.

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Altelios also recruits information technology engineers, aeronautical engineers and research engineers. Apply on line!



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