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The 5 most sought-after engineering professions

The 5 most sought-after engineering professions

We will now introduce you to the 5 profiles that are most sought after in the engineering sector by recruiters at the moment.

Research and development engineer

Research and development engineers are key players in the company, whatever their area of activity. With the development of the information technology tool, the need for r&d engineers is increasing, and the market is expanding, whether in major businesses, smes or even sub-contracting companies and the public sector.

according to apec, “the primary sector providing job offers in the environment is research & development engineering with 35 % of job offers”.

Sales engineer

Sales engineers define the objectives of the sale and ensure they are achieved. They manage and develop a portfolio of customers and accommodate their requirements in order to provide suitable offers for sale. Their sales role combined with their technical profile allow them rapidly to establish a development strategy which will be able to meet customer expectations.

Most of the time, sales engineers are double-skilled which is very sought after in companies. They accumulate technical knowledge and sales skills.

The best training to undertake this profession remains double degrees, which are offered in certain schools, combining an engineering school and a business school.

Information science engineer

The information technology sector provides the best figures in terms of young graduates entering the profession.

In the past few years, with the digitisation of businesses, information technology engineers are a very sought-after profile. Various companies target these engineers who will be specialised with defined experience.

Energy engineer

The energy sector is a field that has been flourishing in the past few years, france has a good position on the global stage. The oil, electricity, gas or even nuclear industry are constantly continuing to recruit.

In particular, the renewable energy sector is also fully growing and various job offers can be found in this sector. Energy engineers will work in various areas of energy efficiency. Their tasks range from design to renovation of installation, while complying with quality methods and environmental restrictions.

According to apec, “renewable energy, with wind, geothermal, solar photovoltaic, hydraulic, biomass and biofuels represent 23 % of job offers “.

Managing engineer

A lot of businesses are looking for an engineer who would have this double profile, being an engineer who has the qualities of a manager and the technical know-how inherent to the engineering profession.

Several business and management schools are currently providing several specialised master’s degrees aimed at incorporating students from other courses. This master’s degree will complement the engineering degree, thus guaranteeing the versatility that companies are looking for.

These double profiles are particularly anticipated in the technology sector. They better understand the economic stakes of the business and provide suitable solutions. These engineering managers that quickly take on responsibilities will rapidly become project managers leading a team.

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