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Embedded railway systems validation engineer

Embedded railway systems validation engineer

The activities of an embedded systems engineer are very rich and very varied. This professional combines electronics and information technology.

What are their tasks ?

The task consists of organising and conducting verification, integration and validation testing of software developed by the customer, to ensure that complete solutions, in line with their requirements, are provided.

Based on the specifications, embedded railways systems validation engineer conduct the critical proofreading of specifications and compiles test schedules, design and realisation plans.

They perform bench tests and/or on-vehicle tests and update the test resources.

For the various tests, they must compile a dossier comprising the individual tests, integration etc. And carry forward all the developments on a weekly basis.

They also have managerial functions when they lead a team of testers.

Finally, they guarantee keeping within the production costs and they are responsible for managing requirements and traceability.

What are the necessary skills for this position ?

Systems validation engineers must have a specialisation in electronics and in industrial information technology.

Furthermore, they must have a certain experience in validation and verification of embedded systems as well as experience in the railway, automotive or medical sector.


How do you become a validation engineer ?

All the public or private schools of engineering allow you to achieve this specialisation. A baccalaureate +3 level allows the engineer to enter operational positions, while a route up to bacclaureate +5 provides possibilities for working on the creation of embedded systems. Estaca (ile de france), estei (bordeaux), esiee (paris and amiens) are all the major schools of engineering specialised in studies in the sector of embedded systems, electronics and information technology specialisations.

What does this position pay ?

The average salary of an embedded systems validation engineer is about € 38 000 to € 52 000 gross annual in france, depending on experience.

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