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Engineer’s cv : our 3 pieces of indispensable advice

Engineer’s cv : our 3 pieces of indispensable advice

Engineering profiles are very sought after in numerous fields. But there are sometimes several people applying for the same position. We therefore give you our advice for you to stand out.

What title should you give your cv ?

The term engineer is an extremely general title, behind which can be a large number of skills.

To stand out, it will therefore be about adjusting the title of your cv not only to your fields of skills, but also to the position that you are applying for. You can therefore match the title of your cv to that of the job offer to which you are applying. That will immediately allow the recruiter to be assured of your suitability for the position.

If you apply for a position on spec, still try to specify your field of competence, even it is broad, for example; aeronautical, mechanical , development engineer etc.


Do you use technical terms ?

The profile of an engineer is often very technical. The terms employed inherent to the area in which they work cannot be understood by everybody.

Your cv is not only looked at by persons who have the same technical knowledge as you. Most often, your cv is first seen by human resources, who may have a few ideas but certainly not at the same level as you.

So, try to be understandable for the greatest number of people, limiting terms that are too technical. Nevertheless, you can take up the concepts mentioned in the advertisement, for example. You can be precise in what you mention, without bombarding your readers with terms that are unknown to them.

Do you add non-technical skills ?

If you have developed certain skills that are other than technical, do not hesitate to put them on your cv. In fact, an engineering position does not solely entail technical aspects, so it may be necessary to have developed managerial skills such as team and project management.


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