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Electrical circuit design engineer

Electrical circuit design engineer

What are their tasks?

The main task of electrical circuit design engineers consists of designing. They also make changes to the definition files for electrical parts on urban transport vehicles in transit (electrical boxes, cable harnesses and electrical circuits).

When the vehicle returns to operation, malfunctions often appear that need to be changed. So, it is then necessary to incorporate requests and process them, while updating the definition folder, but also compiling responses to end customer requests.

An electrical circuit design engineer designs the electrical modifications, they analyse customer requests and malfunctions.

They then provide technical solutions and proceed to validate these solutions: specification of tests and measures to be undertaken to validate the change, presentation of the change folder to the customer.

They then update the electric definition, make a summary of the harness diagrams, the electrical diagram and the cable schedule. The designs can be made on the software see xao electrical expert, catia ehi eha, solidworks electrical, e3 series or even vesys harness.

They create a folder the location of power cables and update the technical data of the definition in the plm.


What are the necessary skills?

An engineer must have good knowledge of the design of electrical circuits. They must be capable of defining electrical circuits whatever the schema, choice of components or even mechanical integration of solutions.

Also, they must have the capacity to select technical solutions that meet the conditions for use on a passenger vehicle.

Finally, they must know how to choose the size of electrical components such as cables, circuit breakers, relays, terminal boxes and protection systems.

What training do you need to get there?

The electrical circuits design engineer profession is accessible after an engineering degree or a master’s specialising in design of electrical systems.


How much are electrical circuit design engineers paid?

The pay level for a design engineer varies between €36k and €45k a year, depending on their level of experience.

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