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Significant innovations in 2018

Significant innovations in 2018

Vehicles of the future


Whether the vehicles are for passengers or goods, the vehicle of the future is the spotlight innovation for 2018.

In this category you will find:

  • The start up bell, which launches its luxury flying taxi concept created for uber. This is a top-of-the-range electric helicopter that is totally automated, accommodating up to 4 passengers. The vehicle will be able to lift vertically, such as a helicopter or a drone, but will move like an aeroplane, with wings. The company has only unveiled the cabin for the moment. It wants to keep the means of propulsion secret for the moment.
  • With regard to transporting goods, it is the company robomartwho has developed the autonomous grocery, which is overturning the traditional fresh fruit and vegetables business! This autonomous refrigerated vehicle has the ambition of distributing fresh products in summer 2018 in california. The user will only have to order robomart, unlock it with their smartphone, then beams will automatically detect the products bought so the customer can be billed.


Home automation and connected objects


Already with a high presence, connected objects will be increasingly becoming every day in 2018.

  • Lg display has unveiled the first roll-up television in the world. This is a 65-inch oled model which would be able to turn our way of incorporating the television into our lounges on its head. Because, in fact, its special feature is its base…. The screen can be rolled up once you have switched it off, so that it doesn’t take up any more space.


  • foldimate, the small machine that folds your cloths to make a uniform stack! A system of arms folds the washing, it is then lightly perfumed and then delivered to you as good as new in a luminous tray positioned at the bottom of the machine.


Virtual reality 


  • The new virtually reality headset from htc: the vive pro. This wireless headset has a brand-new screen of better quality that the previous one, as its resolution has reached a level of 78%!


  • simforhealth: virtual reality in the medical field. This is a technique which would be able to allow learning to be done better under real conditions. With a large library of simulators and online clinical cases, students can train themselves remotely or in the classroom, whenever they want.


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