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Software testing and validation engineer

Software testing and validation engineer

L’ingénieur validation a pour mission de vérifier les conformités du produit (logiciel, équipement, système) avec les spécifications d’origine et éventuellement les normes officielles.

What are their tasks?

Software testing and validation engineers generally work for a manufacturer, an operator or even a service company.

Validation engineers are not incorporated into the development team. It is possible that they will be called on to work with the customer to set up tests, and also by national and international standardisation bodies.

Testing and validation engineers draw up a validation and qualification plan and compile the scenario and test specifications. Their activities include them being called on to design testing tools, compile acceptance procedures and conduct tests on the pilot sites.

They identify problems, make any necessary changes and test the corrections.

Finally, they compile a validation report and possibly a product dossier with a view to a request for certification.

What are the necessary skills?

Software testing and validation engineers can use the development language, for example, python, c/c++, linux batch scripts.

Good knowledge of embedded development and also of compilation / development tools and environment are also appreciated. They have general and specific knowledge in the technical field and have perfect expertise in validation methods.

Finally, knowledge of an administration tools such as git and a bug management tool such as jira or equivalent are needed and indispensable.

Testing and validation engineers must be rigorous and methodical. They are skilled in working for multiple, multiple-disciplinary teams and can show that they have a good capacity for analysis.

Proficiency of a good level of language such as english is also required, as they may be called on to communicate with non-french-speaking teams.

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