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Brussels – BELGIUM Subsidiary

Avenue des Arts, 46

1000 Bruxelles – Belgique


EVOLIS CONSULTING, a consulting company active in the Belgian market since 1986, approached the ALTELIOS TECHNOLGY group in November 2013 as the executive management wished to expand in Europe.


The Belgian subsidiary has demonstrated its ability to adapt while responding to the opportunities of the consultancy market in Belgium.


The values we stand for and our strategic development show why we are attractive in the eyes of our employees in Belgium.


One of our strengths is our relationships with Clients, leading us to assist them in driving change in consultancy.


Our business is distributed evenly between industry, energy, producers of goods and integrators. This added value allows us to show continued growth by absorbing the cyclical fluctuations of the various sectors and it also allows us to offer a reasonably wide range of projects to our consultants.


Mostly active in Brussels and Wallonia for historical reasons, our ambition is to operate in other regions of the Benelux countries to broaden our positioning. We are structured to absorb this operational growth, in a market that is truly competitive, but on which we are recognised and very well positioned with prestigious partners such as large companies.


The development of the business is assured on the one hand by our current senior and junior consultants and on the other hand, by the hiring of new talents within our workforce, which allows us to offer significant human capital.


It is with this in mind that we actively recruit both junior and experienced engineers with one or more specialities: electricity, mechanics, electronics, construction, chemistry, business, management consulting, organisation consulting, Telecom, information systems, assistance with project management and project development etc. Our teams are therefore well balanced.


In addition to purely technical skills, we place great importance on soft skills; the ability to communicate with the client, to understand expectations, adaptability, proactivity, as well as a real ability to work as part of a team. It is also necessary to be mobile, insofar as we often need to work from the client’s workplace… who also strongly appreciates if we communicate in their language.


Our recruitment process follows a clearly defined methodology. The recruitment officers source on job boards. Once the candidate has been pre-selected, we will meet them at our premises. We then ask them to prepare a skills assessment and send it to our clients. The recruitment officers carry out coaching and HR Consulting to prepare the candidate for a successful meeting with the client. The final step is the hiring.


Another part of our work involves recruiting staff. 


Why integrate Altelios?

1 / Describe Altelios Technology in a few words:

J . R. : Altelios Technology is a dynamic company in which consultants can thrive and build their careers through qualitative projects on innovative assignments;

2 / What areas / sectors are you working on?

S. S. :I assist my clients with multidisciplinary subjects with technical expertise and operational project management. My clients are leaders in energy, industry (producers), equipment (design and manufacturing), integrators and operators.

The consultant

1 / What makes a “good consultant”?

J . R.  : In my view, a good consultant is someone who can adapt easily to the requirements of different projects for their clients’. Every project has its own specificities, the consultant must be able to understand and manage them. They should perform an audit before starting an assignment. You need to really be able to listen to the client to find the right solutions to help them optimise the project management.

S. S. : Curiosity, a thirst for learning, mobility, curiosity, flexibility, good-naturedness, empathy

2 / How do you motivate your teams?

S. S. : By showing that Altelios Technology is a modern company in full digital mode (dematerialised pay slips, recruitment files with digital signatures…) and offering attractive salaries and benefits such as social occasions (meals, events etc.).


Damien, Electrical Project Engineer in Belgium.


What are your activities with the client?

My client has led to me working for major accounts like Infrabel (SNCF in France), Elia (EDF in France), Total or even Algeria. I take care of the electrical projects in their assemblies, that goes from the specifications to the commissioning.

Before starting a project, I analyse the needs of the end client and think about the desired power level in order to adapt the technology. My work is very varied. I can work on simple or innovative projects.

As part of a project for Algeria in which I had to create an electrical cabinet, I had to install a circuit breaker of almost 1m².

For Infrabel, I worked on traction substations for trains. They are located on an electrified railway line.

For Elia, I was involved in the design of high-voltage protection cabinets and programming protection relays.


What makes you proud of your job?

My job is unique -very few of us are working in this position in the world. It is very specific; both technical and technological.

We are at the forefront of technology; we are always improving techniques.

Furthermore, electricity is a real topical subject, so I am very proud to work for this position in this field.


What is your view on the ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY group?

I have worked for many Consulting companies in engineering, and compared to others, I am delighted with my relationship with the Group and my managers.

Here, when I ask a question, I receive an answer in the day or at the latest the following day. They listen to my expectations.

Cesar, Project Engineering designer, in post since 2013

Why did you choose ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY as your employer?

Before joining the Group, I was employed in a competing consulting firm where progression of candidates already in post was not guaranteed.

I personally knew two people who worked within the Altelios Technology Group who were both really enthusiastic about their relationship with the Group.

So, I took the opportunity to join the group myself 8 months ago.


Can you describe your job to me?

I work in the Technical Development centre in the general technical support department.

I create, thanks to a design software programme (Autocad), Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P & ID), in order to describe the elements of the industrial processes.

They are then used by the teams as reference diagrams to enable them to describe the processes. There are valves, control elements, as well as details of protection and isolation of equipment.


Tell me about your relationship with the Group?

Everything has been going very well since I joined Altelios. All the issues that I could list that used to exist at my old employer simply do not exist in the company. I get along very well with the HR teams and my manager.

All communication is fluid and the team is responsive.

I now have a person to help me as soon as I have a question rather than an impersonal mail box.

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