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Cross functional professions

It is estimated that there are 6.4 million cross functional jobs. Cross trade employment has a high level of commitment and responsibility, they must also have a functional and operational approach, with a complex multidisciplinary dimension in the realm of engineering professions or SI. They are the necessary guarantees for the proper functioning of the company. They are linked to careers: quality, projects, purchasing, production and supply chain. This is why the ALTELIOS group pays great attention to careers in these areas so they can express all their expertise. They come from the engineering professions, as specialized courses.


Skills – Expertise

  • Industrialization schedule monitoring
  • Determines the industrialization strategy
  • Validation of the feasibility of manufacturing
  • Realization of production file
  • Achieving visual range, nomenclature of manufacture, manufacturing time definition
  • Integration of process data in the data bases
  • Planning and animation undue reviews between the process
  • Monitoring the implementation of tools and first prototypes
  • Sharing of time throughout the process with the purchases

Skills – Expertise

  • Participation in the PFEP (Plan For Each Part): modes and conditions of supplies redefinition for all purchased parts.
  • Implementation of this PFEP in project mode and interfacing with all stakeholders.
  • Deployment of the strategy defined by the responsible
  • Guarantor of the perpetuation of deliveries in terms of time and quality and the goals of its suppliers
  • Regular reviews with suppliers and deployment of necessary action plans to improve their performance
  • Supplier support in its remedial plans / transfers and delays optimization
  • Resolves potential supply disruptions identified with different backgrounds and tracks the delivery plans in times of crisis
  • Optimization of flow components between suppliers and sites using continuous improvement tools
  • Keep updated the basic purchase data through ERP
  • Participation in technical journals of the products from its scope in relation with the development/ quality teams
  • Application of good production management practices at suppliers

Tools & Methods

  • Microsoft Office tools Mastering : Word and Excel.
  • SAP Mastering
  • Control manual and automated supply systems (MRP2)
  • Continuous improvement principles Knowledge (Lean Six Sigma)
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