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DISTRIBUTION OF ALD SOFTWARE - Altelios Technology Group
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The ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY Group is the OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR of ALD software solutions for all customers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.
ALD is the market leader in consultancy and software in the field of dependability, security analysis and security management, engineering, quality and quality control.


 ALD customers are world-class companies, governments and military organisations in countries such as: USA, China, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, UK, South Korea, Russia, Australia, France, Israel…


 Through this partnership, the ELLYTE Ingénierie unit of ALTELIOS TECHNOLOGY Group is only official distributor of all ALD software solutions and this also covers training, maintenance of software applications and also dependability studies for all customers in France and Belgium.


Services provided through this partnership are as follows:
  • Reliability and quality program plan
  • Reliability of prediction and analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Testability analysis
  • Aviation safety assessment
  • Electric parts stress analysis
  • Supplier quality management
  • Maintainability prediction and analysis
  • Reliability demonstration test programme
  • Reliability-centred maintenance
  • Failure data collection (FRACAS)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Logistics support, optimisation of spare parts
  • SPC – statistical process control
  • ELF – accelerated life tests
  • Software QA
  • Six Sigma process improvement
  • Validation
  • ISO certification
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is world leading software in the fields of reliability, availability and maintainability. This software covers all engineering tasks related to the reliability of electronic, mechanical and electromechanical systems.

Modules RAM Commander


  • Reliability Prediction,
  • Maintainability,
  • RBD,
  • Fault Tree Analysis,
  • Event Tree Analysis,
  • Safety Assessment,
  • Spare Parts optimization,
  • Derating,
  • FMECA and Testability Analysis,
  • Process&Design FMEA, etc…

Electronique : MIL-HDBK-217 (All versions), RADC-TR-85-91, Reliability Toolkit (1995), 217Plus, ALCATEL, BELLCORE Issue 5,6, BRITISH TELECOM HRD4, HRD5, CNET RDF93 rev. 02/95, IEC 62380, UTE C 80-810, FIDES Guide 2004, 2009, ITALTEL IRPH93, Telcordia SR-332 Issue 1, 2 & 3, Siemens SN 29500, GJB 299C, Stress/Strength Analysis, GPRD (for user defined failure rates).

Mécanique : NSWC-98/LE1 Mechanics, NPRD-95, NPRD 2011, Stress/Strength Analysis, GPRD.

is the latest ALD software at the forefront of technology in terms of failure/event reporting, analysis and corrective action. It retrieves information about the equipment or the process throughout its life cycle, from design to production testing and customer support. FavoWeb has been adopted by major global organisations able to implement for the first time a FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System) application that communicates seamlessly with any given ERP system (SAP, ORACLE, MFGpro etc.).

which analyses the total cost of ownership of the various design alternatives and components of the system over its life cycle. D-LCC makes analysis of the costs of the life cycle more accessible and understandable.



Close collaboration with our clients

  • Availability and regular presence all over the world: USA, China, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, UK, South Korea, Russia, Australia, France, Israel…
  • Daily contact to feed back the needs of customers in order to improve the tools

Our areas of expertise

  • Software developed by dependability engineers for dependability engineers
  • ALD is the foremost service provider for dependability studies and second global provider of RAMS software
  • Considerable experience to support you in your dependability studies

Proposed software quality

  • Adaptability to each business sector through the addition of modules (RAM Commander is the only software to use the MMIL-MSG3 modules)
  • Permanent investment in the development of ALD software (180 internal engineers developing software)

Our flexibility and competitiveness

  • Adaptability to your current and future requirements
  • Competitive tariffs in comparison with large groups
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