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Electronical engineering

Though it was only 40 years ago that electronics was born, today it is part of our daily life and has become unavoidable. Its environmental, industrial and applicable restrictions, its miniaturization and performance force us to constantly advance technologically . Our research office and all of our employees are aware of it, whether they are specialized in: the analog / digital conversion, the ultra-fast digital, the power, food or the energy conversion, radio or hyper frequency, the low layer design (FPGA, CPLD ...), middleware or HMI, this forces them to take into account also the software environment, electromagnetic, and mechanical, to ensure performance levels and requirements expected.



Design, integration, electronic assembly Analog / Digital testing

Skills – Expertise

  • Analysis of the environment specification and constraints, integrity and signal propagation
  • Develops electronic functions, the scheme, the record of justification and simulation.
  • Choose the component, taking into account their sustainability and cost
  • Follow the project, in CAD steps, manufacturing and test
  • Ensures the integration of the complete system (Hard / Soft)
  • Provides debugged
  • Support for the implementation and deployment of tests and trials

Tools & Methods

  • Electronics A / D system with approach
  • Cadence Schematic control
  • Knowledge of requirements D0254
  • V Cycle Master and Agile-Scrum methodology

FPGA design design, simulations and tests

Skills – Expertise

  • FPGA modules development for steering frame and video streams
  • VHDL design – embedded C
  • Matlab simulation test
  • Integration with system design teams

Tools & Methods

  • Fast real-time digital development
  • Knowledge compression / decompression MPEG image
  • DICOM protocol knowledge
  • Master of MATLAB software – MENTOR
  • Master of ALTERA FPGA or Xiling
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