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Mechanical engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering, we support our clients and prospects on the design, implementation and manufacturing of products and mechanical systems. Our engineers have developed expertise in the areas of Materials, acoustics and vibrations, industrial design, quality assurance and operational security, mechatronics, automation and project management. Our teams are able to design new products and improve existing ones while having the ability to support a project team and manage innovation technologies and industry products. Development products and subscriptions and methods / industrialization are insured at national and international level.



The Mechanical Designer (Illustrator / designer) is responsible for the design of parts or mechanical assemblies / electronic / mechatronic / … (3D scans and plans)

Skills – Expertise

  • Based on the specifications, draws parts schematics
  • Scans CAO 3D volumes for architecture validation
  • After reassembling digital, create and designs CAD parts in 3D with their technical feasibility (in volumes Overall architecture)
  • Provides expertise on the design of : plastic parts, paneled, welded and also the electronic integration
  • Participates in Magazines Architecture for 3D parts design evolution
  • Realizes the plan quoted ISO (details, together) to launch prototypes and series parts
  • Follows from the prototype, achieving first physical parts
  • Edits 3D parts to launch in Series
  • Archive technical definitions with versioning in the Technical Database

Tools & methods

  • Pro-Engineer
  • Solidworks
  • Inventor
  • Rhinocéros
  • NX

Is manager of product development, components, parts or mechanical assemblies / electronic / mechatronic / …

Skills – Expertise

  • Drafts the specifications and the technical specifications of the product
  • Consults suppliers and subcontractors based on these specifications (in France and abroad)
  • Summarizes and analyzes the bids submitted by contractors and suppliers
  • Confirms with these suppliers, the technical feasibility of the parts (quality, cost, time)
  • After decision with the project team, selects the supplier that will support the development and industrialization of the product
  • Sets Milestones Project from the pre-development phase to the manufacturing phase and implementation Series Product
  • Product Development with the driver supplier (Design 3D scanning and early drawings)
  • Valid the first digital definition following digital architecture pumping
  • Based on the technical feasibility, launch the first prototype parts for validation of the technical definition
  • After validation on physical prototyping, continuation and finalization of the product of industrialization
  • Launching Tools Series from suppliers
  • Upon receipt of the first series components, validation of parts next to the plane sides (measurements, capabilities, according to tests validation plan)
  • After confirmation of the validation tests according to plan, launch of series components

Tools & methods

  • MS Project, Primavera
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • CAD for consultations and modifications scans / plans (CATIA, Pro-Engineer, Solidworks, Inventor, …)
  • Calculation for meshes and static studies / dynamic / … (ANSYS, NASTRAN, …)

Is responsible QCD (Quality, Cost, Time Development and products industrialization.

Skills – Expertise

  • Valid with the marketing team, new products to develop and industrialize (and the timing)
  • Formalizes a first specification of products to be developed
  • Performs functional analysis of these products to develop
  • Create his project team (mechanical designer interlocutor, calculation, quality, purchasing, logistics, …)
  • Prepares technical specifications with the project team
  • Sets with project milestones and expected technical QCD (Quality, Cost, Time)
  • Pilot its project team for the successful completion of the design and industrialization of products
  • Referring to the Technical Department on the projects progress
  • Ensures from suppliers, efficient projects progress
  • Solves the project problems (project drifts technical infeasibility, Cost drifts …)
  • Sales team support, communicate with customers, the Product Development Progress
  • Monitors and validates the technical defintion of launching products for prototype and series Industralisation
  • Manage the project team to work towards objectives QCD products to develop and launch in Series

Tools & methods

  • (CAD visualization of scans and maps)
  • MS Project, Primavera, … (tracking milestones Project)
  • MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint for exchanges with the project team, suppliers, technical management and customers)
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