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Software engineering

In order to overcome its chronicle of difficulties (poorly controlled scheduling and finances; multiples bugs on shipping; mismatch with real needs…), software engineering has been regularly used in evolving projects. It was able to modify its principles with the same objectives in mind: to limit any damage at the point of invoicing. Both approaches: classics such as the V cycle, and others involving iteration and interaction (Agile methods), for any competitor or actionable, are nevertheless suitable solutions, according to the type of project. When properly applied, Agile methods show significant awareness regarding the requirements of promoting cooperation between developers and users. It helps everyone to be an actor rather than an observer of the project.


Validation of smart metering systems for electricity (LINKY G1)

Skills – Expertises

  • Editorial CPL Communication validation procedures CPL between the meters and the data concentrator
  • Testing laboratory set up
  • Creating automation scripts in Python
  • G1 type meter testing, G1 compliance test and system tests
  • non-regression test execution
  • Analysis of results, writing test reports and campaigns progress report; fault management (under  Bugzilla)
  • Formalization and anomalies recovery to the development teams
  • Support for integration and interoperability testing at the meter and data concentrator final clients and suppliers ; Test reports redaction
  • Installation and maintenance of various pilot projects with final customers
  • Preparation and transition of the LNE metrological certification
  • Documents and tutorials redaction, support to the teams in Tunisia

Tools & methods

Scripts Python, Bugzilla, Testlink, software (TestAPI, PLC Network Analyser, protocoles WAN (HTTP, IP, ICMP, FTP), DLMS/COSEM, CPL G1/G3, Telnet

Architecture and design of new drivers (video processing memory and sensor management) embedded in the connected objects (multimedia equipment and drones)

Skills – Expertise

  • Optimization of BSP (Board Support Package) of the Linux kernel: hardware support enhancements and video memory optimization
  • Analysis of the need for UAVs and implementation of Linux IOI (Industrial Input Output) for sensor management: creation / improvement / adaptation of IOI drivers, implementation of libiio library and target testing
  • Design, development and test of an intra-kernel device driver and a device driver V4L2-mem2mem (video processing memory – DMA)
  • Validation of the function Advanced Video Interface (AVI) SoC
  • Checking the hardware implementation functions (Camera, Display, FIFOs, Scaling, Converters, Image Signal Processor) on FPGA prototype and final ASIC

Tools & methods

C, Linux embarqué (cible ARM Cortex-A9), Eclipse, Git, Redmine, Mantis

Development of embedded features on a gaming terminal :

Skills – Expertise

  • Design, development, testing and integration of On-board applications, with management and review of protocols owners Securing and optimizing developments (processing speed and reduced memory footprint)
  • Simulators and development of tools (scripts for maximum reusability, test applications) for set-up
  • Linux Driver development for different devices (printers, Optical drive, scanners, touch screens, smart card reader)

Tools & methods

C, C++, Boost, Python, Shell, XML, XSL, Linux (Fedora), Windows 7, cross compilation (NX), meta programmation avec design patterns (Singleton, Observer, Factory, Decorator, Visitor), GTK, CS Synergy (rapports d’anomalies), GCC, GDB, Wireshark, Valgrind, Gimp, gestion de configuration CM Synergy

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