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Systems engineering

The challenge of a global approach

Being able to anticipate and the ability to solve problems arising from the interaction between different parts of a system are necessary to avoid error likely to jeopardize its operating system.

Interoperability and performance issues

Each brick within the system must be able to communicate with the other to generate any significant productivity, integration and performance restrictions. These thorny issues often determine the choices and approaches that have so far remained undewrstandable, easy to maintain and evolve.

Reliability and security

A solution must meet complex needs while being pragmatic and proven over time. It must therefore be designed with reliable and sustainable approaches, specifically evaluating each advantage and disadvantage.


System engineering (upstream and downstream) to the CMS (Combat Management Systems

Skills – Expertise

  • System specification and design in the development context: system configuration, system status management, obsolescence monitoring, system security (postponement of safety requirements and constraints on the overall system)
  • Functional responsibility of the framework and system administration: software writing and system level testing, testing and technical events management
  • Help / Support the batch management :
    • Acceptance plan writing and development
    • Metrics and indicators Production
    • Documents preparation for input journals qualification
  • Responsibility of the support area (middle management) :
    • Technical supervision
    • Manufacture of dies reference systems / testing requirements for the client
    • Identifying the hardware level tests
    • Identification and drafting of official tests with the customer
  • Tracking system integration campaigns with the client

Functional validation of the telecommunications network subsystems and safety

(Integrated communication system, monitoring and control – metro)

Skills – Expertise

  • Study and analyze of the various subsystems functional specifications (Network, radio, telephone, intercom, video surveillance, public address …)
  • Taking into consideration the requirements in the writing test procedures
  • Running tests for each system, on platform and on suppliers site, with validation or reservations during the FAT
  • Defect tracking and validation of the lifting of reservations
  • Integration and configuration of network equipment
  • Patch every system on the network and update of the network configurations and associated documentation based on network platform needs
  • Validating the interoperability of different systems on the network
  • Solving problems encountered in the integration of different systems on the platform and taking into consideration the changes for the on-site configurations
  • Writing installation and documents validation for the implementation of the system on site for various communication systems
  • Updating configuration files networking site equipment based on problems discovered in Vélizy platform

Tools & Methods

Windows XP and 7 (in Spanish), switches (Alcatel 6400, 6850 and MPLS 7210, Moxa 7728 and G509, Cisco Catalyst 2950), routers (Alcatel MPLS 7750), NTP Sigma MOD server (Bodet), Alcatel SAM network monitoring tool 5620, Alcatel OmniPCX PBX, IP Phone 4028 Alcatel, analog phones

To prepare the deployment of ground systems and onboard trains CBTC

Skills – Expertise

Functional validation

  • Functional specifications analysis (engagement, ATS, ATP, ATO) and booklets tests update
  • Execution of test campaigns, writing test reports and defect tracking
  • Realization of test automation scripts (proprietary tool)
  • Test equipment and commissionning

Preparation for commission:

  • Software installation and updates on equipment (ZC, CC, TOD, Simulator, engagement, ATS …) for export projects (China and Sweden)
  • Participation in the plant platform tests preparation
  • On site in Stockholm: deployment and characterization tests on the train ATO Test Track (braking, coasting, accelerating train)

Tools & Methods

Windows XP, Linux (Red Hat), Carbon Controller (DC), Controller Area (ZC), Train Operator Display (TOD), ATS, Frontam, CATI (simulator part), proprietary tool WhiteBox, TRON, Interlocking (WSP and Microlock) , WireShark, CC_MCT Trinity

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